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Colombia has trade agreements with countries such as Mexico, Canada, and the United States, which allow for the export of Colombian fabrics with reduced tariffs. and it is possible to create origen certificate for our fabrics from Piel canela Swimwear.

Colombia is known for its production of high-quality textiles and fabrics, particularly in cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics. Some international deals for Colombian fabrics include:

  • Cotton: Colombia is one of the world's leading producers of high-quality cotton and is a major supplier to countries in the Americas and Europe.

  • Silk: Colombia is known for its production of silk fabrics, particularly in the city of Medellin, which is home to many silk weaving workshops.

  • Synthetic fabrics: Colombia is a major producer of synthetic fabrics, particularly polyester and nylon, and is a major supplier to countries in the Americas and Europe.

  • Colombian textiles have gained recognition for their quality and design, and Colombian textile and clothing companies have been making efforts to expand their international presence.

  • Colombia is also a member of the Andean Community (CAN), which is a trade agreement between Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, this agreement allows Colombian fabrics to be exported to other countries in South America with lower tariffs.

It's important to note that the global trade and economy situation is always fluctuating and can change rapidly, it's advisable to check with the authorities and trade advisors before making any international deals.


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