What should I visit in Medellin? Things to do in Medellín Colombia

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Medellin, also known as the City of Eternal Spring, is a place where you'll fall in love with the city, and it will be hard to leave. It boasts a wonderful weather, never too cold or too hot. While it can rain heavily during certain seasons, it won't stop you from enjoying the city. You might experience all kinds of weather in a single day, with forecasts showing the possibility of a highly sunny day with electric storms. Weather forecasts are not very reliable for Medellin, so it's best to come prepared for all kinds of weather, though nothing extreme.

The people in Medellin are very friendly, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how beloved you'll feel. The city is affordable and offers a lot to do within Medellin and its surroundings. You can experience different temperatures just an hour away from the city.

The most recommended areas to stay are El Poblado and Laureles, which are the most tourist-friendly zones with easy access to everything.

Our greatest pride is the Medellin Metro; we were the first city in the country to have one. We love and take good care of it, and even though it was built in 1995, you'll feel like it's brand new.

Attractions in Medellin:

  1. Take a tour of Comuna 13, a recovered area of the city filled with graffiti, food, music, giant stairs, and a unique atmosphere. Bring plenty of small denomination bills for tipping and avoid weekends as it can get crowded.

  2. Relax on the terrace of Hotel The Charlee for a breathtaking night view. Then, you can walk to 37 Park and continue to Social de Provenza. The whole area is full of restaurants and bars, and you can finish at the rooftop of the Hotel Click Clack. This tour is best enjoyed at night.

  3. Visit the Botero Museum and the National Palace in the city center and consider taking a free walking tour.

  4. Explore El Tesoro Shopping Center if you like shopping; it's beautiful and offers restaurants, bars, and shops.

  5. Visit El Castillo Museum and enjoy its magnificent surroundings, ideal for a picnic.

  6. Explore the Manila area, where you'll find many restaurants and cafes.

  7. Discover Amsterdam Plaza, another area with many dining options, and enjoy a good cocktail at Isabel.

  8. A unique food court is Mercados del Río.

  9. Pueblito Paisa, a beautiful viewpoint of the city where you can find typical food. It's best to ask your taxi to drop you off at the top, as parking is limited, or be prepared for a walk if you drive.

  10. For nightlife, I recommend Dulce Jesús Mío for a very typical and lively experience; it's like it's Christmas all year round. Montrebar is a quieter option but also great with live music. In Medellin, I only recommend going out on Fridays or Saturdays.

And of course, don't forget to visit our swimwear store, Piel Canela.

Some of my favorite restaurants are:

  1. La Matriarca: Traditional cuisine.

  2. Creps & Wafles: Crepes, ice cream, and natural juices.

  3. The Grill Station: Hamburgers.

  4. J & C Delicias: Different types of arepas.

  5. Il Castelo: Italian cuisine.

  6. Brutal Carne: Steakhouse.

  7. Distrito Aviñón.

  8. Le Mont.

  9. Carmen, La Provincia, Ammazza, El Correo, Ritual: Elegant and great places with incredible views.

Activities in Medellin with children:

  1. Visit Parque Explora and the Planetarium for an educational and fun experience.

  2. Discover the butterfly garden at the Botanical Garden, a magical experience surrounded by butterflies.

  3. Have lunch at Insitu within the Botanical Garden, a delicious option that requires a reservation.

  4. Other options for children include Tesoro, Brinquitos, Fraterna Casa Blanca in San Lucas, and Rigo's farm.

Recommendations in Guatapé:

  1. Climb the Piedra de Guatapé for a breathtaking panoramic view.

  2. Explore the colorful town of Guatapé and admire the famous zocalos (decorative paintings on buildings).

  3. Rent a boat and take a tour of the reservoir to enjoy its natural beauty.

  4. Have dinner at El Charlee with a nighttime bonfire in front of the reservoir, an unforgettable experience.

  5. If you have more days, take the opportunity to practice water sports such as water skiing, paddleboarding, or jet skiing.

  6. Visit during the week; it can get too crowded on weekends.

Parque Arví and Telesférico:

  1. Enjoy a day at Parque Arví. I recommend going by car if possible and taking the cable car without getting off to enjoy the impressive views and save time. Take it at Parque Arví and return to Parque Arví. You can have a picnic at Parque de Confama; the restaurants in the area aren't very good, so I recommend bringing food for a picnic.


  1. Try the chicharrón (fried pork belly) at El Rancherito and enjoy desserts in San Antonio de Pereira.

  2. Have a delicious arepa de chócolo (sweet corn arepa) at the corner of the park (left side of the church if you're facing it).

  3. Go quad biking and have lunch at places like Mundos or La Herencia.

  4. Visit the Comfama park in Rionegro and discover the typical Colombian village, Tutucán, inside it (weekends can be very crowded).

Santa Fe De Antioquia:

  1. A beautiful colonial town; I recommend going on a sunny day, either to a hotel or staying overnight. It can be too hot to walk during the day, so you can enjoy the pool during the day and have dinner at La Comedia. Visit the Puente de Occidente (Bridge of the West) and explore the 8 churches of the town.

  2. As for hotels, I like Mariscal Robledo, and it's better to go during the week as weekends can be very crowded.


  1. If you're into extreme sports, you can find paragliding options in areas like San Felix and Don Matías.

  2. You can go rafting in Rio Claro (this is more than three hours away) or go quad biking in Llanogrande.

We have a wide gastronomic variety, and you'll delight in all the options we have. I recommend Rappi, an app you can download on your phone, which allows you to order everything from swimwear to food, hygiene items, and, of course, meals. These are some recommendations you can try while in Medellin, and you can visit them or order them through Rappi.

Do you have any additional recommendations?


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