How to correctly choose my Swimsuit size?

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Tan Skin swimsuits allow you to change, but here we give you some guidelines so that you can choose the right style from your first selection.

Before choosing a swimsuit, analyze what you want to highlight on your body and do not base yourself so much on how it fits the model, but on how your body is and try to make the design make you smile when you put it on. love the diversity of your body and every curve.

To choose your size, it is best to keep in mind that the sizes of swimsuits are fairer and smaller than those of clothing, this is the equivalence:

Bust S corresponds to bra size 32

Bust M corresponds to bra size 34

Bust L corresponds to bra size 36

XL bust corresponds to bra size 38

For the thong this is the equivalence:  

S for thong corresponds to jean size 6

M of thong corresponds to size 8 of jean

L of thong corresponds to size 10 of jean

XL of thong corresponds to size 12 of jean

Here are some recommendations according to your body type:

Swimsuits for heavy bust .

If you have a scar on the part of the abdomen or you do not feel so comfortable showing this part , the high waist provides a mild compression effect that helps to support and define the silhouette:

High waisted swimsuits .

If you have a small bust, triangle or strapless swimsuits can be an excellent option, here we show you all the ideal swimsuit options for small busts .

Additionally, our favorite designs that fit any body type are these: Our favorites.

It is important to remember that these concerns are personal and should not define your self-esteem. Every body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. The main goal when looking for a swimsuit is to find one that you feel comfortable and confident in, that highlights your favorite features, and that makes you feel good about yourself.


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