What to do in Cartagena? By Cinnamon Skin Swimsuits

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Exploring Cartagena: Tips and Recommendations in this wonderful Colombian city. By Piel Canela Swimsuits - Colombia

Welcome to Cartagena, the historic jewel of Colombia where colonial beauty mixes with modern energy. Before you dive into the adventure of discovering this enchanting city, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the most of your experience.

Relevant Data:

Cartagena, founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, is a city rich in history and culture. Its centuries-old walls and cobblestone streets transport you to a bygone era while you enjoy the vitality and hospitality of the Colombian people.

Recommended Tour:

One of the best ways to experience the essence of Cartagena is to take a walk through its main squares and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the famous Café del Mar at sunset. Start your tour at Plaza de Bolívar, where you can admire the majestic Cartagena Cathedral. Then, head to Plaza Santo Domingo and end at Plaza de la Aduana, where you will find Café del Mar to enjoy a spectacular view while sipping your favorite drink.


One of the main attractions of the city is its gastronomy, we recommend you book in advance since in some of these places it is not possible to enter without a reservation, although it is very possible after 8:30 or 9:00 pm it is possible to enter without a reservation .

  1. Harry Sasson (Inside the Charleston Hotel) :

    • Description: Harry Sasson is a renowned Colombian chef with extensive experience in the culinary scene. The restaurant inside the Charleston Hotel in Cartagena offers an exceptional dining experience with innovative dishes that combine local ingredients with world-class culinary techniques. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a special dinner.
    • Recommendation: Try the lobster ceviche or the beef tenderloin with truffle sauce, two of the most acclaimed dishes on the menu.
    • Website: Harry Sasson Cartagena
  2. Doña Lola Cartagena :

    • Description: Doña Lola is a charming restaurant located in the heart of the historic center of Cartagena. With a cozy atmosphere and traditional decor, this restaurant offers authentic Colombian cuisine with a homemade touch. The dishes are generous and tasty, ideal for sharing in a group.
    • Recommendation: Don't miss the tray paisa, a typical Colombian dish that includes rice, beans, meat, fried egg, chorizo ​​and avocado.
    • Instagram: @donalolactg
  3. Cande :

    • Description: Cande is a Caribbean haute cuisine restaurant that stands out for its modern atmosphere and eclectic decoration. With a creative gastronomic proposal that fuses local flavors with international influences, Cande offers a unique culinary experience in Cartagena.
    • Recommendation: Try the grilled octopus with yuca puree and tamarind sauce, a delicious combination of flavors.
    • Website: Candé Restaurant – 100% Cartagenera Cuisine (restaurantecande.com)
    • Instagram: @canderestaurante
  4. Juan del Mar :

    • Description: Juan del Mar is an iconic restaurant in Cartagena known for its excellent food and festive atmosphere. Specializing in fresh seafood and Caribbean cuisine, this restaurant offers hearty and tasty dishes that satisfy even the most demanding palates.
    • Recommendation: Enjoy a mixed paella or rice with prawns Cartagena style, two of the house specialties.
    • Website: Juan del Mar Cartagena
    • Instagram: @juandelmarcartagena
  5. Foreign Letter :

    • Description: Carta Ajena is a small and cozy restaurant located in a colonial house in the historic center of Cartagena. With signature cuisine and a menu that changes regularly based on the availability of fresh ingredients, this restaurant offers a unique and memorable dining experience.
    • Recommendation: Let yourself be surprised by the tasting menu, which includes a selection of the most outstanding dishes of the season.
    • Instagram: @cartaajena
  6. Gordo Tacos :

    • Description: Tacos de Gordo is a colorful taco stand located in the lively Getsemaní neighborhood in Cartagena. With a casual and laid-back atmosphere, this restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic and tasty Mexican tacos, as well as other street delicacies.
    • Recommendation: Try tacos al pastor or tacos de carnitas, two of the most popular options among customers.
    • Instagram: @lostacosdelgordoctg
  7. Sofitel :

    • Description: The Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara restaurant offers a refined dining experience in an elegant and sophisticated setting. With high-quality international cuisine and an extensive wine list, this restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner or special occasion.
    • Recommendation: Enjoy an exquisite cut of meat accompanied by a glass of wine selected by the restaurant's sommelier.
  8. Bastion Hotel :

    • Description: The Bastión Hotel restaurant is a gastronomic oasis in the heart of the historic center of Cartagena. With creative cuisine that combines local ingredients with modern culinary techniques, this restaurant offers a unique and memorable dining experience.
    • Recommendation: Try the fresh fish of the day with coconut sauce and ripe banana, a delicious interpretation of Caribbean flavors.
    • Instagram: @restauranteelgobernador
  9. May and Zíelo :

    • Description: May y Zíelo is a haute cuisine restaurant located in the luxurious Hotel Movich Cartagena de Indias. With a sophisticated and refined gastronomic proposal, this restaurant offers dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, presented with elegance and creativity.
    • Recommendation: Let yourself be surprised by the tasting menu, which offers a selection of the chef's most outstanding dishes, paired with carefully selected wines.
    • Instagram: @maryzielorestaurante

Enjoying the Beaches:

While near the airport you can find some decent beaches, the real magic is found on the islands near Cartagena. For an unforgettable experience, I recommend taking a boat tour to the Rosario Islands, Tierra Bomba or Barú, where you will find crystal clear waters and white sands. These islands are ideal for relaxing, snorkeling and enjoying the Caribbean sun.

Recommendations for a Sunny Day on the nearby islands:

  • Makani Beach Club : An exclusive beach club located on the island of Tierra Bomba, offering comfortable Balinese beds, delicious cocktails and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Namaste Beach Club : Located in the On the island of Tierra Bomba , Namasté offers a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, perfect for disconnecting and
  • Fenix ​​Beach Club : With a privileged location on Tierrabomba Island, Fenix ​​Beach Club is an oasis of tranquility where you can enjoy the beach, the pool and excellent local cuisine.

Purchases and Negotiations:

A rule of thumb when exploring local markets is to never buy something without first asking the price. Some sellers may offer you "free trials" or "trial massages" that they will then try to charge you at inflated prices. Stay calm, always ask prices first and negotiate intelligently to ensure you get a fair price, always carry Colombian pesos with you, since not all places will allow you a card and exchange your money at an exchange office other than the one at the airport .


Cartagena will captivate you with its colonial charm, rich history and vibrant culture. Always remember to stay calm, negotiate intelligently and enjoy every moment in this unique city.

Photos taken from: @sunofcartagena


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