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Our mission

A trip begins in the planning, from choosing your perfect swimsuit to when you return and share all your photos, which is the memory that you will enjoy forever, that's why we help you make it memorable!

We love what we do and we are working every day to create swimsuits in which you feel beautiful and confident on every day of your vacation, with fair and favorable working conditions for our employees and suppliers, taking care of our impact on the environment and on mostly with women heads of household.

We seek to reach women not only with a product, but with a message of self-love, improving self-concept, empowering them and being conscious of not placing our internal value on others. This is why all our swimsuits are designed to help us find that swimsuit that makes us smile.

Our history

Piel Canela swimwear is a Colombian brand of swimwear known for its high-quality fabrics and designs. The brand is known for its use of Colombian fabrics and traditional techniques, such as crochet and embroidery, which gives the brand a unique and authentic look. The name "Piel Canela" is Spanish for "Cinnamon Skin", which refers to the brand's focus on creating swimwear that flatters and accentuates different skin tones. Piel Canela's collections are designed for the modern woman who values comfort, quality, and style. The brand offers a wide range of products, including bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups, and is especially known for its crochet bikinis. Piel Canela has gained recognition for its unique and authentic designs, and the brand has been making efforts to expand its international presence. The brand is available online and in select boutiques and retailers in Colombia and other countries around the world.


we seek that all our employees love their job, we promote a fair salary, balance between personal life and work, we consider honesty and passion our main values ​​and we seek to make a contribution to society through the sustainability of our products and our search to promote a message of self love.


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"We produce swimsuits so that women feel empowered every day of vacation."